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    Infinite skies above vast lakes and endless dunes ...

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    The last step before the great sea of sands ...

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    That's Siwa a history of thousands of years ...

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How to get here

There are several ways to get to Siwa. Upon your arrival you will be assured of a warm welcome from the Siwan people.


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International Conference - Cairo, Egypt
Diarcheo/Oasi di Siwa

"Proposta per uno sviluppo sostenibile del territorio dell'Oasi di Siwa."

Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, Zamalek.

Convegno di chiusura dei lavori della "Linea 2.4 DIALOGO E CULTURA del Programma di sostegno alla Cooperazione Regionale”

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Welcome to Siwa Oasis

Oasis are “islands of the blessed.” – Herodotus

Siwa has been defined as the oasis of history. The most recent studies start with Rohlf's expedition in 1870, whose ambition was to retrace the ancient caravan routes that unravelled from the valley of the Nile leading to Libya. The expedition gained fundamental geographical and archaeological knowledge of the area.

The temple of the god Amon, the majestic remains of which are still here to be admired, is mentioned for the first time during the 26th Dynasty (663 - 525 B.C.) as the place to which the Pharaohs would travel to in order to consult the Oracle, at the time as prestigious and famous as Delphi.

Herodotus talks of Siwa during the following period, while narrating of the Persian invasion of Egypt: having reached the oasis to conquer it and destroy the Oracle’s temple, King Cambyses lost, in that same stretch of desert, his army of 50 thousand men.

DIARCHEO projetc International Conference

pictureVarese, 21-22 marzo 2011
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Diarcheo è un progetto di cooperazione allo sviluppo tra paesi del Mediterraneo e Regioni italiane per la valorizzazione del patrimonio archeologico:
un laboratorio internazionale per lo sviluppo e la sperimentazione di buone pratiche di gestione e valorizzazione dei siti archeologici, attraverso una forte condivisione di idee e mezzi degli Stati coinvolti.

DIARCHEO-Siwa Oasis Conference

Oasi di Siwa: Azioni per lo sviluppo sostenibile
Bari - 8 aprile 2011
Politecnico - Facoltà di Architettura - Sala Consiglio

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